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Family Protection Dog

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Meet Harley, our female German Rottweiler. She is just a pleasure to be around and will play fetch all day. Harley is 100% kids safe and loves playing with other dogs. She has amazing obedience but don’t let his fun, loving personality fool you. When Harley needs to protect her family she does so flawlessly and powerfully. Her beauty gets tons of attention when out and about. She’s ready to protect her forever home. Don’t miss this beauty, she won’t be around long.

The Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium-to-large or large. Rottweilers have a steady, good-natured, obedience and fearless temperament. Rottweilers have been selected for guarding and protection work. Well-socialized rottweilers get along nicely with people and other dogs. Rottweilers do best with training and jobs to do, even if just as a child’s companion.

We require a deposit to hold each dog at the time of sale. The remaining balance is due upon delivery or pick up of your new dog.

  • Price: $8,500

  • Breed: German Rottweiler

  • Date of Birth: Jun. 1, 2016

  • Commands: English

  • Type: Protection, Companion


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Tasha Family Protection Dog

We recently purchased an adult protection dog from them. A Belgian Malinois. I am a green handler of a dog of this caliber. Steve drove what had to be 12 hours one way to hand deliver the dog and spent half a day working with me and educating me on properly handling the dog. Steve has been great at answering my questions after the sale.

Axel Family Protection Dog

AMAZING!! Recently had my dog Lilly trained by Fine Line Family K9 and I am blown away with the job they did. She came back a whole new dog. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a well trained dog and is looking for the professionalism that this brand exhibits. Thank you again!!

Lisa Family Protection Dog

The best of the best!! We had our Malinois not even a month and we purchased a second dog from them! The quality of training is unlike any other. While they are your protectors these pups are the best family dogs ever. I sleep knowing that all is well! Steve is truly the dog whisperer!! Valiant dogs ready to protect but at the same time they are mans best friend!! Thank you Fine Line!! You’re the best!!

Snoop Family Protection Dog
I purchased Snoop (German Shepherd) back in May 2017, and he’s been everything ( i was promised about) and then some. His obedience and protection is phenomenal. He is very social around family and children, but can be very protective when I need him to be. Keep up the great work Steve, and thank you for all back up support you provided. Might need one more soon.

Amazing work! Forever grateful to Fine Line for helping me with my problem child. Arya is like a new dog–complete transformation. I knew she had the potential and Steve was able to bring it out of her. I have 3 kids and I trust her with their lives. Thank you Fine Line Family K-9!


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