A Belgian Malinois Family Protection Dog (Meet Marko)!

Belgian Malinois Family Protection dog

Are you worried about protecting  your home and family? Have you recently moved to a new place and are anxious about family protection? A family friendly protection dog is just the thing you need! . Belgian Malinois’ make great family protection dogs. They are  a medium size dog breed that can easily be taken along with you anywhere. . Now, if you have kids at home, you must be thinking about whether it’s safe to keep a protection dog and your kids together. Rest assured, our dogs are all kid safe and even enjoy playing with your children.   At Fine Line Family K-9, we offer family protection dogs for sale that not only will protect you and your family but they will also become a loyal and loving companion.  Currently, we have Marko, our wonderfly socialized Belgian Malinois family protection dog for sale. Call us for more detail about Marko!

Reasons to choose a Belgian Malinois over other dog breeds

  • Belgian Malinois are a highly intelligent breed that love to work, they are very obedient when well trained and are perfect for family protection. 
  • They may be smaller in size than a German Shepherd or Rottweiler but their bite is nothing to play with! 
  • Our Belgian Malinois  Marko has been trained in many different environments making him adaptable to almost any scenario. 

Therefore, with our top-notch training , Marko is ready to give your family the best protection. Call us today to put down a deposit on a family protection dog! We deliver our dogs to your home with up to date shots and a health certificate. 

How well is your home protected?

A burglar alarm doesn’t always do the trick! However, a protection dog will never disappoint you! Get in touch with us for the best protection dogs money can buy. If you travel a lot and wish to bring your dog along with you, , a Belgian Malinois is the. perfect option for guarding your home and family.  

Get dogs from Fine Line Family K-9

  • For top-notch protection, our security dogs are trained in many  different environments.  
  • We offer on-site training, so that you can understand your new family member. 
  • We are available whenever you have questions! 
  • Dogs will be delivered to you with up to date shots and a health certificate.

Whether you’re looking for  protection or a companion, contact us today! Our protection dogs will help give you peace of mind about the protection of your family.